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Why the Jerry Sandusky Case Will Continue to Nag at Us

The numerous people who knew about Sandusky’s predilection for young boys, saw the behavior, and enabled Jerry Sandusky is mind boggling.

We have heard of cronyism in the pursuit of money.  We routinely dismiss callousness when dealing companies that maybe sacrificing customer service or quality for profitability.  Even though football is big business at many universities, not just Penn State, the Jerry Sandusky case was something different.  This was depraved indifference to human life.  These children had their childhoods stolen and their lives shattered.

The Penn State University officials who allowed Jerry Sandusky to continue abusing young boys made a senseless decision.  Joe Paterno was the head football coach and Penn State would have continued to be a great football program without Sandusky.  But, I am sure the short-sighted people thought it would be best to circle the wagons in order to avoid lawsuits and public outrage.  Well, how much more will it cost the university now?  If they had acted years ago, it would have just been Sandusky’s sin.  But, now it is Penn State’s as well.

But, no, they chose to allow a pedophile access and a marketing strategy to attract more victims.  One news station reported that emails among Penn State executives discussed being “humane” toward the coaches.  What about the children’s humanity?  The guilty verdict came in for Jerry Sandusky regarding the ten victims who had the strength to come forward. But, what about the others that were too emotionally scarred and/or ashamed to recount the humiliating and painful details.  Please spare me the how do we know there were others?  This denial is part of the problem.  Many people cannot accept evil, conspiracies, and random acts of violence.  They stick their heads in the sand because they want to feel safe.  This case nags at us because it forces people to look at the people who deal with children more cautiously.

This case will not go away because so many Penn State officials covered up Jerry Sandusky’s behavior.  This case is so disgusting because any woman who has ever loved a man, or been married to a man, believes that she could not – not know.  So, it disturbs people that Dottie Sandusky gets to walk away.  It is disturbing because we suspect the Sandusky foster children, especially the boys, are possible victims.  We are bothered that Matt Sandusky found the courage to stand up, and as usual, the other enablers rally to the defense of the abuser.

This case will not go away because we do not want to believe that a decent guy like Mike McQuery could just walk away.  It is incomprehensible to most of us how he could not be so enraged as to grab Sandusky and fling him across the shower.  It is incomprehensible that once reported by Mike McQuery and Joe Paterno that no one followed up on a brazen pedophile.

People should not easily forget how dangerous it is to place your allegiance to an entity over living people.  We see this time and time again – with Enron and the Catholic Church.   This case will not go away because it shouldn’t.