You are your child's first teacher

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Chilean Mine Rescue Underscores Science and Technology Importance

I pointed out to my children how amazing the miners’ rescue was as well as how strong the men must have been mentally.  I paced the floor and we counted 15 feet across our bedroom, so the children could get an idea of how far the miners were underground.  I wanted them to appreciate the greatness of sciene and technology.  I presented it in a manner where they could see  themselves as scientists making practical, yet amazing discoveries and inventions.  

As I watched the capsule arrive inside the Chilean mine, I could not help but be moved bythe purposefulness of  technology.   I was fascinated to watch video images from a camera positioned more than 2,000 feet below the surface of the earth.  It captured a signal and broadcasted it around the world.  It was a testament to human creativity. 

 Point out the wonders of sciene to  your children.   Remember!  Your are your child’s first teacher.