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Biotin Helps Grow Hair

Since I had my children, I have had increased difficulty growing my hair.   The center of my scalp had been weak for years due  to my beautician consistently starting at the crown of my head when applying perms.  Then prior to my first pregnancy, my thyroid was under functioning.  I was put on medication for my thyroid which led to it over functioning.  This caused Graves Disease, which they tested for using a radioactive iodine tablet.  During both pregnancies, I had to take anticoagulants because I had a blood clot during my first pregnancy. During the last two years, I was finally diagnosed correctly with ADD.  I take Adderall and a side effect is hair loss.  My thyroid has been functioning normally for over seven years.  However, my body and its natural processes have gone through quite a lot in the last decade.

The hair on my head is where these changes are most evident.  I have alopecia, male pattern baldness, in the top of my head.  I also have severely thin patches along the side of my head.  A friend of mine, who is a doctor, recommended that I take biotin.  I initially did not take it I a high enough dose, or perhaps not regularly enough.  I saw no results, and stopped taking it.  It seemed as during the last six months the baldness in the top was getting worse.  My hair did not appear to be growing at all, especially where the sides were bare.

I started taking 1000 mcg (1mg) of biotin.  In a couple of days, I could feel stubble from the hair follicles.  My hair is thickening and the top even has hair.  Though it is still very thin on top, it has only been a couple of weeks.  If it does not grow in completely, the front is growing well enough that it will be able to cover up the baldness on top.  The bald patches on the sides have also filled in.  I looked up biotin toxicity. The information that I found on the Internet was that toxicity is relatively low for biotin.  You might want to do your own research on the safe dosages.  But, biotin definitely helps grow hair.

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